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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Out and Aboutz

Still waiting for that new camera...Anyone want to donate to the cause? lol #Dahwell

Check it:

Laid back in my bleached white denim jeans (Torrid) and a slouchy top (Forever 21) with flats (check the instant heels).  You know I dont do flats at night unless we will be crossing territory!!! 

He's cute right? 
 He doesnt belong to me.  lol
Slouchy dress (Forever 21) with multicolor clutch (Aldo) Necklace (Belk stores)

Face was beat....Cant find the pics of the fit... O_o 

Shawdy wha cho name iyzzzz :::cue music:::
Shades from mall vendor.  $10

My Black is Beautiful Atlanta 2010
Me, Jerime', Fatima

What yall been doin? 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More ish i want from Asos

Check it....


ASOS CURVE Premium Lace Trim Organza Waisted Dress


ASOS CURVE Pleated Hip Draped Bandeau Dress


ASOS CURVE Contrast Elastic Strip Vest:::And they need to go on and update the skirt to the webbie bc I will be scooping that as well:::


ASOS CURVE Military Knitted Cape

NOW $47.17

ASOS CURVE One Shoulder Organza Dress


ASOS Drape Cowl Back Dresssize UK4-18/US 1-14:::Jesus be some SPANX!!!:::


This is so mean on so many different levels!

 :::Falls onto floor, Fetal position, Short Circuits, Dies, Jesus was a respirator, Falls out again:::


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Evans setting the bar HIGH

Soo I see someone has been in the lab for MONTHS- These creatures are THEEEE FIERCEST for Fall!  Check it:

Key Trend #1: Eden

This key trend is inspired by the great outdoors, woodland and rustic living. Chunky knits in argyle prints, teamed with military jackets and buckled ankle boots create a rugged casual look. While statement items include the shearling flight jacket, ankle skimming maxi skirt and jodhpur leggings which can be mixed and matched throughout the season for a casual or super chic look.


Key Trend #2: Twilight
For something a little more gothic and glamorous, mix wet look fabric with faux tie-dye and lace. Key colour palettes of black grey, dark navy and a flash of precious metal can all be worked into your day or evening look. Unleash your inner vampire with skin tight jeggings, long line embellished tunics and structured military coats.

:::Saving coins::: I need just about everything in this set!!!

Key Trend #3: Biba
The look is pretty and feminine and mixes lace and delicate jacquard with faux fur and lurex knits. There is a strong influence from the 70s and the collection includes tiered maxi and baby doll dresses and logger boots. Trousers are slimmer around the thighs and flare out from the knee creating a balanced silhouette, which is much more flattering for a curvier figure. Team the trousers with a military shirt and pea coat for further sophisticated elegance.

That blue dress will be mine...lawd.  

Key Trend #4: Rococo
This Christmas look is the epitome of winter lux, warm and cozy yet regal and stylish. Heavily beaded jersey dresses in contrasting gold and black are great for the party season. Alternatively team trophy jackets and jacquard dresses with thick opaque tights and rich velvet knee boots for ultimate winter style.

:::counting more coins::: Oh yea and this collection too- ALL of it.  

Fluffy threads are stepping up in the UK and WEEE LIKE IT! 
:::now only if we can get the states to step it on up too:::

Follower Fashionista Spotlight

Check it:

My name is Monique I’m a 17 years old aspiring designer and plus size model. I believe that every size and height should be represented. I don’t have a personal style. I think that you should explore new styles; it’s mostly what feels right that day. My inspiration comes from many blogs and magazines. I believe that every girl is beautiful in her own unique way. My goal is to change the fashion industry, let them know that petite plus real size models are beautiful too!
my blog is: Realsizefashionista.blogspot.com

If you want a Follower Fashionista Spotlight, send your bio and at least 4 pics of you in great fash everydayrunway@hotmail.com

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Are you guys on twitter?  Follow me here.  @everydayrunwayb. Thanks/K/Love you/Bye


Hey!  I told you guys I was going to incorporate a little decor and design in here too.....
:::taps mic::: I WANT A NEW SOFA!  I get in these moods every 2 or 3 years where I start changing stuff out and I have had my sofa for exactly 3 years.  Im going to put the old one in my spare room- its too comfy to lose, and WHEN i find my permie residence, it will prob go in the den or something.  Here are my options:

in Jack Haze
Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel
in Camden Haze

West Elm
in color shown or Dove Gray

What say you? 

So here is the thing.....

I need encouragement!!!  I am trying to do a lifestyle change.  I want to shed these extra lbs and get back to a comfortable size.  I am lucky, I dont have high blood pressure, Diabetes, or any of those other diseases related to obesity.  But I cant help but feel that its somewhere hiding behind a cheeseburger in the future.  So here is my plan:
  • Exercise at lease 5 days per week using circuit training that consists of cardio and resistance training.
  • NO LIFTING OF HEAVY WEIGHTS!!!  Back in the day when I was a REAL athlete, I lifted A LOT.  I loved it- But now ---ehh notsomuch.  Im going to do more pushups, lunches, squats, and lifts that challenge my body to resist its own weight.  
  • Eat 5 small meals daily- My problem for years has been waiting to eat 1 large meal-NOT HEALTHY
  • Eating more veggies and healthier foods- Im not really a sweet eater -OMG if I were you would have to fork lift me outta here.  But I love WHITE FOODS, meaning pastas, breads, etc.  So im going to have to really work on eating 100% whole grains.  
  • NO FAST FOOD (I love taco bell- I dont really eat burgers, but I love me a chicken quesadilla.)
  • WATER vs Juices, Sodas, etc.  
  • Reduce my Spirit intake.  Now, I didnt think that this was affecting me, but I think me and Jose will have to hang out less often.  Mr Patron was not happy about the breakup either.  Im not a lush, but I do love my weekly cocktail (or 2).  :::ahem::: this will be a work in progress.    
Its Aug 1st, so im just using this date as a reference.  Im not giving myself a time limit.  As I said before, this needs to be a lifestyle change.  Anyone care to join?  

By the way, have you guys seen Sunni Diggs lately?  She looks fantastic!!!  Check some pics i kind of :::ahem::: well stalked her facebook for.  LOL.  But she looked so fantastic that I had to.....

When I talked to her about her transformation, she stated that her secret was A LOT of HARD WORK!!!  And that she was hitting the gym hard.  Maybe even 3 times a day.  In 9 months, she pulled off over 100 lbs...103 to be exact.  And that was a while ago- shes still at it.  And looking ohsofabuloso.  

Alright then Sunni.  


Wish list

Umm....so my wish list really consists of only one item.  And technically i already purchased them.  But I wont get them till October.  :::Sigh:::  However, I will be losing all of the weight until then- I dropped a few nickels on these.  Check it:

They come in Tan and Black.  
I got tan

I also wanted these: 

If you wear a 5.5- you can get them here.  

:::Let the church say "Amand and Amand":::

Im having a shoe fetish right now.  And I can no longer wear "cheap shoes" after having a pair of Loubous on my feet......Just cant do it.  

S/N- Im watching Family Matters right now, and my fav epi is on where steve turns into Stefan Urkehlll.....I had a serious crush.  


Heres a few flicks of me and the homies out and aboutz.  Check it:

My Black is Beautiful Bronze Goddess Lounge @ the Essence Music Festival.  
These ladies are SOO incredibly talented.  

Me and my bestie (the worlds greatest MUA www.fatimabpromua.com /@fatimabpromua) for my birthday.  

Me lovey

Out at the Taste of Charlotte- You can tell right? LOL My photography skills MUST improve.  I just thought this pic was kinda cute.  Love the fedora- Forever 21.com

Natural Hair flow.  Cute but I do love my "Beyonce" :::Hair whip:::

Me and E Hayes out at THE HOTTEST :::wipes sweat::: party I have EVER been to!  
I wore a blue body con skirt with a drapey tunic from Express that I cinched with a belt from a random.  This pic had me doing 300 crunches a day. Ugh.  I shoulda had my spanx.    

Out with the homies again on a random night.  I wish I would have gotten a pic of the fit this night- I got a lot of compliments and I was just chillin (in heels of course). 

We likes to party.  




Ok, let the stoning begin.....I know I have been MIA for months.  After a sweet follower Aida sent me a little message asking if I was ok- and saying she missed my posts, I thought-it has been a LONG time-let me check back in.  :::CHECKING IN:::  There have been so many things going on, some good and some bad.  But here we are again, and I am hoping that I can remain more dedicated to my blog.  Missed you guys :wink wink:

SOOO Heres the skinny- I have been up to SOMETHING BIG, that I am really trying to research and weigh the options out.  It has EVERYTHING to do with the FASH, and its something that I know I would wake up smiling everyday instead of DREADING.....My only drawback is wasting almost 10 years of post graduate studies....decisions, decisions.

Enough with the drab- on to the good stuff- Fash and cake!

Here is a quickie of my mini haul from Asos....cant wait to wear.  Check it:

Tribal Embellished Shift Dress  $109.49

Embellished Neck Dress

Check out the clearance rack for all of the goodies.  
Me lovey.