*Fierce Siempre*

"There is no excuse NOT TO be fierce!"

Monday, May 10, 2010


Wanted to let you guys know that I rec'd an email today from the DM of Forever 21.  Check it....

Thank you so much for contacting me about your visit to our store.  After a thorough review with our associates and managers in store that day, I want to offer you a sincere apology.  I could not begin to understand the anger and humiliation you must have experienced in store.  I assure you that we do not condone behavior like that in ANY of our stores and it will NEVER be tolerated!  Per your request, that particular associate's sales position will be salvaged, however she has been heavily reprimanded, and this form of behavior will not be tolerated at any level.  I hope that you will continue to visit our store.----------------and blah blah blah....... 

She goes on to state policies and procedures and finally states that I will be receiving "coupons" in the mail shortly.  Me likey.  I know that most of you guys wanted her to be fired, and trust me- she definitely deserved it!  But, Im not going to be that cold.  I will, however, make sure that I smile at her every single time I am in the store.  It goes to show you....ugly is more than skin deep.  Ehh- Beauty is in the eye....  Oh hell, DONT BE TRASH'N THE FLUFFY GIRLS IN THE STORE!  
that is all.