*Fierce Siempre*

"There is no excuse NOT TO be fierce!"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random skittley-winks

So I am at work, and very bored, but not willing to do any more work right now.....so I am dumping my Storm pic folder and dishing out the goodies.
Check it...

Somebody please...

Stop the crying inside of my heart;


Chanel Jade collection Nail color.....

I know AKA's everywhere are skeeing it all up right now.

On to the next-

Anyone who knows me knows that this is my favorite brush and I will break it out at any moment and at any time for a quick dusting.....

Here is my daily survival kit:

MAC brush #134

Mac Stylistics Lipstick in Soft Pout

MAC Creamsheen Glass in Boy Bait (MY ABFAV)

MAC Creamsheen in Cream Cup

Whats on my face/cheeks/eyes:

MAC studio Sculpt- NW40 (BY FAR my favorite foundie)

MAC Cremeblend Blush in Optimistic Orange (Lilyland collection)

MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder (ugh...i die for it)

Mac Paints in Bamboom (on the lid)

Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara (Maam...Immedi)

In other news-

Found these tasties at Off 5th in Concord Mills.....I have recently had this horrible habit of just grabbing my size and jetting to the counter, when alas.....the price tag was the upper register. Me no likey.....I will be watching out for the faux version.....Maam!

I was in the bathroom playing around.....I usually dont like to wear my hair back unless it is in a bun....but I loved the makeup.....snaps for the lashes!

SHUT UP! (Little Richard voice) LOL Me with no makey....I had a REAL microderm.....Left my skin feeling great, but very tender. I will go again though! Next time I will be STACKING services....LOL. *TING* I hear a spa day! Snaps to Urban Skin Solutions! You can schedule their services here: http://www.urbanskinofcharlotte.com/

***Side note- I randomly watched the Little Richard movie recently, and have a new love for his crazy behind....I cant stop saying "SHUT UP!" in that crazy high cracky register he has going on. He's like the gay-but-not-out-of-the-closet male version of sasha fierce....Richard Fierce. Yes. That is all.

*Sigh* I love these glasses!!!! They are so funny to me. I was sitting at the table sans glasses, slipped them on while my friend wasnt looking. When she looked up, this is what she saw....They will be making another upcoming appearance for a shoot I am working on.

Definitely having ANOTHER Ashley Fierce moment.....Got these glasses along with my huge nerders at the kiosk in the mall for $20....I love them....I usually dont do Avi's because my cheeks are HUGE and my face is so big....they get lost in the cheeks. Snaps to the kidd!

Happy Tuesday! Is it Friday yet? Is it too early for a cocktail? Im just sayin.......

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh yes they did.......

Ok, I am not being mean, no one's face was included in any of these photos...Hoooowever, this foolishness must be revealed.  Whats the tea REALLY peoples?
Uhh yea....she wore that in public.  Side eye to the friends that let her go out like that.  Tom wangery, and you know it.  

Now this chickey gets snaps for the effort....But boo's for the execution.....Any good tips on how to prevent a hot, sweaty back? sigh....

What IS this?  

Sigh....the dress was plastic....PLASTIC!  Foolywang Siempre.  

Ok 1 she KEPT bending over in front of me.  Please be aware of your area! 2 I know I love PJ sparkles but this is DEFINITELY not what i had in mind.....Try sequins next time.  

Sigh....If you held a flame too close we would have all went up in flames.  Combustible Siempre.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Me gotta Havey

So here is my list of the items you cannot live without this year:
Broach/Pin/Lapels-  Dont know what has gotten into me, but I love a good broach....  

The Jumper
A simple cardi


The "pinup"- I am really loving this look!  

Crossover (menswear inspired attire)  

Femme- Ruffles, chiffon, crinoline, whatever makes you feel ultra femme....  

Puffs- sleeves, pants, dresses...me lovey!

Vintie- my new obsessi!     

Here is the complete list:

1.  The "pinup"- I am really loving this look!

2.  Nautical


4. Dare I say it- PJ sparkles....  Accessories, Shoes, frocks- Me lovey!

5.  The Jumper

6. Black tights/leggings

7. A cardi

8. Puffs- sleeves, pants, dresses...me lovey!

9. Femme- Ruffles, chiffon, crinoline, whatever makes you feel ultra femme....

1o. Broach/Pin/Lapels-  Dont know what has gotten into me, but I love a good broach....

11. Vintie- my new obsessi!  

12. Freak-um Frock- oversized but tre tre chic!

12. Crossover (men inspired attire)

13. Grommets 

 Happy Hunting!  Lemme know what the tea is....K?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

+++Faith 21 new promo pics+++

Where are the clothes the model is rocking?  Nonetheless, she's KILLIN the game.  Check it. 


Yes Lawd......


Someone please hold me back.....im feelin a little froggy- Time to HIT the stores!
+Dress- Torrid
+Jumper- Lane Bryant (yes, I gasped too)

+Short Jumper- Lane Bryant (umm humm)

+Tube dress- Size Appeal   www.sizeappeal.com/

Check it.  

its getting hot in herrrr........

I always have loved Kelly too.  This is soooo cute....I really wanted a alter ego shoot like this, but now since everyone is doing it-notsomuch.... But I love the ideas everyone is coming up with.  Me likey.  

Oh the love I have for all things Beyonce...... Nothing else need be said.  

Fun with Dick and Jane

I seriously tried to get some pics of me picking up trash and planting flowers to honor MLK, but the holder to my cammie was NOT PARTICIPATING....Guys can be such party poopers.....Anyway- On to some fashion- EHH....Dont you hate it when someone jumps in your pic? Well how about when you are FORCED to take a pic with someone you dont know....sigh....anyway.  Icha and I headed out to Luna for drinks and a two step.  Met some interesting people.  Unfortunately, the gent in the photo was not one of them.  Nonetheless, I was blazin again....

I WILL be recreating this look......Me lovey.  Oh Chris.  

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I die..........

I need all these buns and this dress.....I smell a DIY

Check the Freak-Um Frames.  ME LOVEY
get them here:  http://2bd.bigcartel.com/product/bionic-shield
You know I love all things Beyonce....
Gotta love that Vaseline and eyeliner look.....
This chick is just REDICK!!!!!
Awww.  Gotta love that Carter-Knowles love.  

Friday, January 15, 2010

NYX Haul

I finally got my canoodles from NYX, and I was pleased with my findings.  I got glossers and lippies, however a lot of the shades are extremely similar.  Check it.From L to R:
Strawberry Milk, Summer Love, Circe, Echo
From L to R: 
Desert, Smoky Look, Chandelier, Copper Penny, French Kiss, African Queen

You can get them here:  http://nyxcosmetics.com/
***Stay tuned for the detailed review and swatches of each NYX lippie and glosser.***