*Fierce Siempre*

"There is no excuse NOT TO be fierce!"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

*cough* *hack* *sneeze* *sniffle*

Im sick....
pause on posting.
me no likey.
*i have got to get better by SAT!*

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

++++RUSH TO LB+++++

Just look at the pic

Lane Bryant sale.....Yes that is money saved.

I usually dont even do LB, but I had a hunch and was originally looking for brazzos (bras) hoping for a V day sale spectacular.  I was caught off guard by a few cute items (reg and OVER priced) so I moved on.  Then something caught my eye- "gold dot sale."  I found a few cute items that were still OVERPRICED, and was ready to walk away when the associate said- "uhh, you need to go back over there and pick up every thing that you like with a gold dot....there is nothing over $12."  I was grabbin ALL the clothes, and I actually STALKED this lady in the fitting room so that I could get a dress that I KNEW I HAD TO HAVE! (Have you ever seen something you wanted that someone else had, and they knew there were not going to get it, but knew YOU wanted it- so they hold on to it?  Yea it was that kind of situation for me.  Finally I just asked her if she was going to get it, and she rolled her eyes and handed it over....whatever lol).   

I spent about $100 but had 15 items when I walked out....You do the math.  I found out on the tailend of the sale, because items were running a little low so RUN RUN RUN and scoop up everything that you can!  I will do a review of my items later....

Me lovey

Monday, February 15, 2010

CIAA Checklist

For those that care, here is a helpful checklist from ME to YOU to help you with the fashion for the "holiday."

*Side bar- For those who do not know what CIAA is, it has become one of the largest events in Charlotte over the past 5 years. Its basically a huge HBCU basketball tournament that everybody and your cousins sisters uncles best friends mama will attend.*

10 day countdown

(assuming that your party hardy spirit will begin on Thurs)

Create an outline for your fash. To some people this is ridiculous, but I have found it less stressful if I thoroughly plan my fit and skittles. This means do ALL of your window shopping, and have an outline for your outfit for each day. *Please note that it is not cute to show up to the night party wearing the same fit you had on at the day. Nasty backwind Siempre. *

Get your hair, nails, skin together.....If you are not already, you should be drinking lots of water. Water is a natural moisturizer and astringent from the inside out. Seriously kitties....ALL the water. Take multivitamins- 2 weeks time, your hair skin and nails will thank you.

  •  In addition, (I will admit) someone convinced me to get a "bronzer" which is a mini spray tan. My color changes in the winter, and I lose that sun kissed look that i UH DOOR in the summertime. Randomly, I went with a buddy to the tanning salon (yes, she is white) and while I was waiting on her in the lobby, I was flirting it up with a cutie (male) waiting to get a little tan. I jokingly said that I was here for a tan too, but after I thought about it, I was thinkin a spray tan could really help me. I asked the counter girl if they did mini sprays for a bronzing effect, and she tried it on my hand....I loved the look. So for $20 you can get a instabronze that will make your skin sparkle.... And it lasted for a long time!  It didnt look crazy at all, just a sunkissed look.  Just make sure (if you do try it) to ask for a light application. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS THE DAY OF ANYTHING (WEDDING, PROM, ANNIVERSARY).  Lemme know the tea on that, K?

This is me with the spray tanDont worry, your cheeks are not going to be that rosy...I love me some "blursht"

Create an outline for your hair and nails. Have you ever been getting ready to go out and everything seems to go according to plan until you take your hair out of a bun, or unwrap it, or whatever, and you notice that you kinda look like Thundercat? Or your nails look like one of the orc's from Lord of The Rings? Schedule ahead, *ladies with Beyonce, get all of your hair necessities, and make sure you are scheduled (early) at your hairdressers* Please think about your overall look and plan plan plan. Make sure you will get your seat in the chair early!

GET ALL OF YOUR TICKETS! Plan where you are going NAYOW! Please, Please, Please....They are not trying to hear any of that crap at the door....there are 1,345,098 people trying to get into the same party. Who do you think will get in? The 500 with tickets, or the remaining fools without. Seriously....If you arrive to the venue by happenstance, it will so happen that your stance will be in the cold. Make sure you know where you are going, who you are going with, how you will get there, who will be driving (spesh if spirits are involved), does everybody have their ticket, etc. You get the idea...

5 Day countdown

Collect your threads. BUY your fash and skittles early! Day 5 is by far at the latest that you should be hunting for something to wear. *Note to kitties- Go ahead and forget about Southpark mall on Thurs, Fri, or Sat. It is absolutely impossible to get anywhere near that place. Its been like that every year. My chickie and I tried last year and sat on Tyvola for 2 hours because we could not even get to a point to leave...traffic was that fierce. But thats just me....maybe your luck will be better.

Get yo "her" nails, waxing, etc did. Yes! Get your hair done early, and that way you dont have to worry about being in the chair all day and if need be you can spruce your hair up yourself. Go get your mani and pedi early so that if something happens where your fav spot is stacked, you dont have to worry about the gamble at another spot.

Collect your spirits. If you are going to drink (responsibly of course). Get all of your spirits early....Maybe I should put this back in the 10 day countdown. Seriously- ABC stores are out of control. If you wait, you might be heading for Greensboro for a 28 oz bottle of Goose. Sober Siempre.

Gas and Grocery. You might want to go ahead and stock up on necessary items. The raunts are packed, and the gas stations will be too....Just looking out.

*****Day of******

Relax. Relate. Release! You have prepared yourself WELL for the events and now you dont have to do anything! If you are anything like me, you will now have to help your friends out who are in a state of crisis because they did not plan as well as you!

Party Siempre!

More tips:
•Do your makeup first, making sure to clean and moisturize the face before you begin. Get dressed and baby oiled up (lol). Then do your hair...That way its easier to see the cake/hair/fash coming together. 2 hours before tip off.

  • Understand that if you have been drinking, you will be dehy and need to replen.  Your skin WILL tell on you when you have been hitting the bottle.  Drink lots of water the day after so you dont look dusty (lol).

• If you are going to drink, do so sparingly so that you are not a mess trying to get ready. I must admit, I have tried to apply cake a little wasted. FOOLYWANG SIEMPRE. I try to have a cocktail or something before I get ready, just to warm up a bit....lol. Then I might take a few shots before i leave the house to get it started.

• Get dressed at one spot all together, preferably closest to the nights festivities. If you have planned well, this will be very easy for you to pull off with an overnight back and your cake kit. Plus, there is nothing like drinks, laughs, and fash with your ladies. More commonly known as "pregaming" i suppose. *Side Bar- Please DO NOT let your girl walk out of the house with something redick...whether it be fash, hair, cake, whatever. If thats your girl, tell her. Remember- she represents you too!*

• Get your clutch or purse ready EARLY. How many times have you left something in your "big bag" because you were rushing to get the "little bag" together. Ugh. I hate that, and I do it all the time....But now I take time out before I get ready to get my clutch together, and put all of my winky dinks in there so there are no worries.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Say what?

LOL! Due to the emails I get about my lingo, or slang, or whatever the h you want to call it- here is my Ashley Fierce translator...for your aid of course.

  •  *Tomwangery- Just plain foolishness
  •  *Obsessi- Im overwhelmed by the fabulousness 
  • *Si Obsessi- Im extremely overwhelmed by the fabulousness.
  • "something" siempre- In my head this makes sense- its like saying "ahh the life of "something"  ie. "foolywang siempre- ahh the life of being foolish.  
  • Cake, Paint, - Makeup
  • Skittly winks, skin-a-marinks, winky dinks, skittles- Accessories
  • Me No Likey- ugly
  • Me Lovey- Yes hinny!
  • THE Beyonce- My 16 inches of hair weave.  
  • Tamers- Lashes....Something about a great pair of false lashes that will tame a man!
  • Fierce Kitty- UH MAY ZING lady
  • UH MAY ZING- amazing (lol)
  • FaSHON- *said in heavy french accent* Fashion (lol too easy)
  • Cash- casual
  • I die- uhhh only from one of theee greatest stylists Rae Zoe!
  • "flick or treat"- a date that requires the minimum amount of activity.
  • PJ Sparkle- (does anyone remember the doll? She had ALL the sparkles) I use this to reference clothing shoes accessories with glitter or embellishment....either in positive or negative light depending on the cay.  
  • Footworks- HIGH heels (4-5) or CA YUTE shoes
Hope this helps if anyone was out there confused.....Sorry.  Lovesyameanit!  

PJ Sparkles

Miss P has 200+ followers!

Congrats to Miss P on her 200+ followers!  She is doing a FAB giveaway of makeup skin-a-marinks!  Here is what she's dishing:

  • Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Glitz & Glam Travel Brush Set with Case (1 blusher brush, 1 eyeshadow brush, 1 angled eye shadow brush, 1 crease brush and 1 black zippered case)
  • Revlon Fantasy Length Lashes in "Flirty"
  • NARS Duo Lip Gloss in Boogie Nights/Giza
  • MAC Eye Shadow in "Straw Harvest" from the 2010 MAC Spring Colour 2 Forecast Collection ("Straw Harvest" is a gorgeous shade of warm peachy gold in a pearl finish)
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Shadow in Ivy Icon

 Check out her blog, follow, and enter to win!  She always has the scrape on hot fash (fashion), cake (makeup), and skittley winks (accessories).  Cheers!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fierce Kitty

Check out kitty....

*picks up mic*

I die...
*drops mic*

*Editorial Siempre*

check her Blog here:

Fashion Weeps

RIP Alexander McQueen.

Nothing else need be said. 

DIY, workday FaSHON

Here's a little "yaket" that I turned up the volume on....Im going to add a few more pieces tho.  Im going to line the whole shoulders with those.  I wanted to start simple and work my way up.  Heres what I did:
1. Found a blazer out thrifting
2. Went to craft store and found accessories for the blaze  (buttons, clasps, etc)
3. Got fabric glue
4. Glued those b's on that blaze
Its was really easy, but someone asked me earlier to post the steps.  So, welp, there ya go!

This is what I wore to work today:

1. Blaze- (my fave) Thrifted
2. Skinny black jeans- Torrid
3. Ruffled top- Old Navy
4. Necklace- Aldo
5. Black flats- Gucci

Cash, but pro. Cute.

Clearly I decided to stick with a brunette head....

*please excuse the non beat, sweaty face....*

And the Beyonce *please note that "the Beyonce" is code name for my hair weave* came back....
Brunette for now.  Im still ichin for that blonde. 

I die. 

Random Hauls, DIY

So I have been hitting the stores a bit less, or maybe Im still hitting, just not finding....But nonetheless here are a few skittles I found.  Check it.....

I found these adorable suede ankies at DOTS...lol....YEA I SAID IT! "Hello, my name is Ashley Fierce and I shop at DOTS!" lol Picked these up for $20 bucks....I wouldnt suggest wearing them anywhere other than a quick flick or treat...afterall- they are from....Dots!

Found these at Rugged for $14 for 2....Seriously folkies, no sleepy.  I cant wait to rock these! Here are some close ups:

Me Likey.

While taking a quick run thru Ross, I found these typically formal dresses.  I am going to cut about 3 ruffles off of each, mend the hems and add a little flair.....Overnight party dress. 

I loves me some MAC...Got My FAV Heatherette.  Ebay hinnies. 
BTW, does anyone know where to get some acrylic lippie holders?

These little rosettes were at OLD NAVY for like $3.50.  Please and thank you!  You know I love all things PJ sparkle.  I will prob add a little sum sum to it.  lol. 
"forthefaSHON" lol

Whats the tea? Is anybody finding anything right now that is worthy? Lemme knowz kay?

Skittley winky dinks, In and outs

So as usual, the ladies and I were catching the tea in the city perusing for things to do... Here are a few flicks of faces, fashion, and of course- footworks.  Check it......
Told you all I would get these spekies in here somewhere......

I do love a nice red lippie......

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A little liquid inspiration......

There is nothing like tee's and sweats, vino, and your buddies (including Muffy).  Check it.....

The Moral of the story is.....Make time for the folks that you love, even if it is sweaty, messy, and unbeat...hinny.  

Sunday, February 7, 2010

BY FAR my fav commercial!

If you are anything like me, you do enjoy the football game that is the superbowl....But the cherry on top is def the commercials.  This is my fav this year- maybe because I am addicted to the "T-Paining" (LOL@ Markus).  Check it.....

****UPDATE, Sorry guys....the link was removed***


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To Blonde or Not to Blonde

Please help me with my dilemma:  I am .000435 seconds from going back to the "beyonce" blonde that I adore so much.....HOOOOWEVER, it comes at a cost.  My hair was always dry and I hate the idea of "grease", and I had to use it all the time because the color can really damage relaxed hair.  Since I am an ADDICT to the creamy crack (I have tried SEV times to stop, make it to month 3, then JET to the closest salon for a dose) this is kinda dangerous (color and creamy crack do not compliment each other at all times)  So you be the judge.  Lemme know the tea.  Should I stay Brunette, or go back to Blonde?  Check it.....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here are some great swimmys to get wet in this year.  Check it....

 Old Navy.com   $49.50  www.oldnavy.com

Im pleasantly surprised with ON collection this year.  Me really likey!

Monif C     *Ranging from $119-$149    www.monifc.com

I feel like doing a rendition of Single ladies in one of these.....be still my FIERCE heart. 
-on to the next-
One Stop Plus- $64.99

Lane Bryant- $99.50

One stop Plus- $74.50

Lane Bryant $99.50

I see I will be dropping $$$ on at least 4 of these swimmys.  *sigh*

Note: Please stay away from thE SWIM-DRESS Tomwangery this year-
 my camera WILL be waiting.