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Monday, May 24, 2010

The life and times.....

heres a sneak peak of more to come......I love me some Fatty Cakes.....
Style Profile on her to follow....Check back soon. 

Had to do it.....

Last week was my birthday, and while I was swearing up and down that I am in saving mode, and am not going to buy anything that I really dont NEED- I got a new bag! I am in love with the print, colors, and style. Its Jessica Simpson, and it was originally $89.99, but it was 50% off, plus I got an additional % off (chea!), so it ended up being DIRTY CHEAP. Loves it!

PS- Whats in yo bag???

LOL Check mine(s)

  • My fav lippies- Snob and Brave New Bronze by MAC
  • Cinnamint Lip Shine- Bath and Body Works
  • Louie Wallet, Silver Card/Id holder- Target
  • Keys
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Bey Aviators
  • Magic Fluff Comb- me lovey
  • Midnight Pom Body Spray- Bath and Body Works
  • Cammie- Never leave home without it
  • 134 MAC Brush- My fave!
  • React 5 Gum- Its Black!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Oh Karla....how sic are thee?

Karla's was one of the first blogs that I visited when I first started viewing the game.  I had to start at the beginning of her blog and work my way back up.  Her style game is so sic....its....just....well....see for yourself. 

AND she always has the flyyyyest footworks.
Fierce Siempre. 

She has also designed a bag for Coach that will be available online 5/19.  Cant wait to check it......snaps all around.  Check her blog here:  Karla's Closet

Monday, May 10, 2010


Wanted to let you guys know that I rec'd an email today from the DM of Forever 21.  Check it....

Thank you so much for contacting me about your visit to our store.  After a thorough review with our associates and managers in store that day, I want to offer you a sincere apology.  I could not begin to understand the anger and humiliation you must have experienced in store.  I assure you that we do not condone behavior like that in ANY of our stores and it will NEVER be tolerated!  Per your request, that particular associate's sales position will be salvaged, however she has been heavily reprimanded, and this form of behavior will not be tolerated at any level.  I hope that you will continue to visit our store.----------------and blah blah blah....... 

She goes on to state policies and procedures and finally states that I will be receiving "coupons" in the mail shortly.  Me likey.  I know that most of you guys wanted her to be fired, and trust me- she definitely deserved it!  But, Im not going to be that cold.  I will, however, make sure that I smile at her every single time I am in the store.  It goes to show you....ugly is more than skin deep.  Ehh- Beauty is in the eye....  Oh hell, DONT BE TRASH'N THE FLUFFY GIRLS IN THE STORE!  
that is all.  


Do you think you are fashionable from head to toe?  Is your game on the ones (and twos)? lol  I wanna seeee!  Send me your pikkies!!!  Send me pics of you looking oh-so-fabulous (everydayrunway@hotmail.com) and tell me a little about yourself, your fashion, what inspires you, and anything else you are DYING to let the world know.  I will do a write up twice a month to showcase your REDICULOUS sense of FASH-ON! 

(Weeee like it!)

Spice up your space!

Ok, so you are in your apartment, flatty, loftie, whatever....and you are thinking- "Im only going to be here for a year."  So you do nothing to your space....UGH! I absolutely hate that!  People always ask me, "Why are you doing so much to your apartment?"  WELLLL, I am going to be living here for a year, and I want to make sure that it is as comfortable as possible (and posh).  I want to make sure that when I am there, its an oasis- a retreat-not a stark white cell.
If you are thinking that maybe you want to update your space, and personalize it a bit, here are a few tricks that you can use.  Well- here are 3 things that will cheaply and quickly update your space:

1. PAINT- Try one accent wall to start.  My apartment is open concept,
so when I painted, it really updated, modernized, and personalized the space (and I only did one wall).....Make sure you try samples first to see what the paint looks like on the walls with your specific lighting.  You think you are getting canary yellow and when you get it on the walls you have a room full of bananas.  ME NO LIKEY
2.  Put down a RUG.  I still dont understand why people say "I have carpet, I dont need a rug."  Umm, well- rugs can really change the dynamic of the space.  It can lighten, soften, and bring energy to your room.  Make sure your rug is a nice size for your room.  Living room areas usually need 7 X10 sized rugs.  You can get away with a smaller rug in your bedroom.
3.  PUT SOMETHING ON THE WALLS.  And I am not talking about those Bob Marley weed head posters that you can get from wally.  If you are out of college- its time to grow up and get some real art!  Or showcase your own talents!  My place is full of art that was a DIY by me or one of my family members just for fun.  That makes it art! 
3.45237853- ACCESSORIZE! Just like fashion, your place needs bling!  Finding a nice vase, or a bowl, or trinket to place on your coffee table will really make a diffy.  
3.587948690456- ADD CURTAINS!!!  Curtains really make a difference.  Seriously.  They dont have to be the old school swagged and tufted style.  Just simple.  Chic.  Sophisticated.  Fun.  Whatever you likey. 
Here are a couple of pics of my personal space.  Check it-

I searched high and low in Ikea for that cupcake pic.  I will never let it out of my sight. 
I created this look by painting in a neutralized color for my space, utilizing shelves, different sized pieces of art, and candle arrangements.  Me likey. 

My taste is somewhat (haha) eclectic.  
If this is not your taste- perhaps go with neutral furniture, and kick it up with paint and accessories. 


  • Less IS more- dont get to many chochskis. 

  • When painting, use Primer, and paint in a Matte finish for a more contemporary look

  • If you dont like the color of your sofa, chair, or whatever- try a slip cover.  For about $50, you can really change the entire room. 

  • Buy scent diffusers (plug ins, ppy, whatever you like.  A scent can really set of the space.  Dont believe me?  Try it!
Remember that you will reach a certain level of comfort in your space, but a true designer is NEVER finished decorating.  I always find something to switch out and replace, reorganize, whatevs. 

send me your pics of updated spaces (before and after) and I will post them in a future blog. 
Send pics to everydayrunway@hotmail.com and make sure you put "spice up space" in your regarding line.  I will post the responses, and after a week of voting for the best looking space, the space with the most votes will rec' a GREAT prize for your space!!!!

-Entries will be accepted until 6.11.10
-Voting will begin 6.14.10 and will close 6.20.10
- Winner will be announced shortly after via email and post!!!

Do We Love It?

Where do you stash your cake?

People often ask me where I put and store my cake.  Here are a few ideas for you to borrow.....Check it.

I keep everything color coordinated...

This is actualy a kitchen drawer from Ikea....

I keep all of the cake, shadows, etc in this tower organized with fabric drawers and organizers.  I keep the things that I like to use on a regular basis in the top organizer.  Everything else is stored away until I have an event, etc. 


My daily lippies

Organized chaos, but it works for me.  Me likey. 

Out and aboutz

Flicks of Fash. Shoes. Hair whips. Cake. Etc. 
enjoy and comment if you like. 

Hinny, you know I will make ANYTHING into a dress.....
Tunic- Lane Bryant/ Belt- Torrid

Glammy Cake. 

I REALLY love these girls right here! XOXO

Icha, Teal, Me

Icha, Me

You know I will always add one of the footworks...
Jessica Simpson Zippy Glad heelies
(mmm comfy mmm cozy)

Clearly, all of the sponsored beverages were having an effect...lol
Fun Times had by all.