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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gargoyle Fashion Employees.....

Now listen....
If you know me, you know that there is a certain threshold that, if crossed, you will regret.  I am so proud of myself for keeping it together and maintaining my composure while in store today at Forever 21 in Carolina Place Mall.  Check it....
***Begin Scene- Ashley Fierce on her way to Forever 21 in CPM with bag in tow, happily prancing about the way.***
Lol.  Let me just give you the highlights. 
I wanted to return a dress that didnt exactly "support" my ladies as I would have liked it to.  I bought the dress from forever21.com (Faith 21- the plus size line).  My goal was to return the dress and gain store credit so that I could continue my love affair with F21.  The manager was not willing to return the dress because it being the Faith 21 line.  I was ok and understanding of that.  If she had stopped there, I would have kindly put the dress back in my sackkie and kept it moving, with a smile I might add....THIS HEFFA SAID "Well you cant wear anything in the store, so it would not make sense for me to give you a store credit for you to use elsewhere."  My heart stopped.  My neck litterally felt like it was turning clockwise and the exorcism was about to begin... But I caught it- the blood of my savior is strong.  (lol)  I politely stated to her, "Im in here buying things every week!  What you you mean?"  She mumbled something, and I had literally HAD IT with her foolishness.  My arm traveled across the counter and I was preparing myself to rearrange the entire store for her, and wipe that counter clean! (in other words, I was getting ready to tear up all of the displays, shelves, racks, you get the picture.) But I caught myself.  I politely asked her name, and I could tell she gave me a phony name but trust, it will be alllll right. 
The problem is not that I couldnt return the dress....its how she addressed the situation.  Who gave you the right, with your severely cracked up lips, braids from 1993, and ruffle vest from 3 years ago that is SO OVERPLAYED, to tell me that you will not allot a store credit because I CANT WEAR ANYTHING IN HERE?  Is that not discrimination toward larger sizes?  We are known to "make it work" and grab a "skinny size dress" and turn it into a fabulous tunic....UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!   I have never felt so disrespected!  Ever!  That was my favorite Forever 21 store and I have seen her many many times.  I feel betrayed.  Ugh.  Needless to say, I will no longer be shopping there.  What would you do, guys?  sigh.....

Ok guys, I had a huge chat with the DM of that specific store and just as everyone else was, she was horrified, and stated that there was absolutely no excuse for that behavior.  She actually sat all of the employees down and had a meeting with everyone to discuss the matter.  One of the male associates at the wrap that I identified confirmed my story.  To top it off, the DM informed me that I COULD HAVE RETURNED THE DRESS!  Im thinking WTH?  Clearly some hateration in the air.  The DM was so sweet and so nice, and said there was no reason for her to refuse your return, and no excuse for her poor behavior.   In addition, I have a PHYSICAL meeting with a corporate representative next week.  I appreciate the fact that they are not taking this situation lightly.  At first, I was hoping that she would not be fired- this is a very harsh economic climate, and I really didnt want her to lose her job (i dont know what her situation is, and sometimes we really have to have compassion for those who could care less for us) but from what I understand, this isnt her first offense to a customer.  Soooo....whelp there ya go.  

Honestly, I dont want my readers to think of this as a fat vs skinny thing- Its not.  I always shop in the "regular sized stores", prob more than in the plus size stores!  Forever 21 is seriously one of my weekly stops and this situation was outrageous.   I have never ever ever had any problems in any store- maybe just a few in Torrid (for the lack of customer service sometimes ugh!).  Most of the girls in the "straight sized stores" compliment me on my creativity and style! This was completely different- she was simply disrespectful.  Thanks for all of the support and feel free to continue commenting.  


  1. It is things like this that make me what to slap a "ho". Are you kidding me? When will these skinny bitches (Monique voice) get that we are fashion divas. To be able to "make it work" when the fashion industry is trying to push you out should show our perseverance. But as my husband always says “You know she was acting that way because she is jealous and threatened by you”. NUTSHELL!!!! She is probably hating how good you look wearing a dress as a tunic… when that same dress makes her look pregnant or frumpy… I recommend you write a letter ( I am notorious for this) to headquarters and make sure to include a picture of you in one of their forever21 pieces… looking FABULOUS!!!! Ugh!!!! I wouldn’t shop at that store either… and before it was all said and done… Forever21 would be sending me a discount code for like $25 for my inconvenience!!! I hope you find another store with better customer service. Good Luck!!

  2. Ok first HI! Love the blog! 2nd kudos to you for keeping your composure and not snapping that fashion challeneged Beotch like a twig! You My dear have shown that you are a far better person. I have to agree with my BFF QueenD above me that she is definately showing her Jealousy. She was prolly in pain from her bones rubbing together all the time. You should have handed her a $5 and told her to go get a footlong from Subway so she could feel better and learn how to talk to people.

    Skinny girls consider this your wake up call! We are BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! We aren't going any where and you need to stop hating because we wear your clothes better than you do!

    As far as your store credit and her apparent lack of customer service skills Babygirl believe me, You will be owning that store. I would first be contacting the District Manager and I would report the incident. It is not her business WHY you wanted the store credit. If you wanted to spend it all on earrings thats YOUR business! She should have been happy that you were willing to spend the money in the store and keep her "severely cracked up lips, braids from 1993, and ruffle vest from 3 years ago that is SO OVERPLAYED" wearing ass in a JOB!
    < ok getting off my soap box now>

    However, if you truely do love that store, do not let her stop you from shopping there. I would go in Head held High and I would buy what I wanted and if she gives you any grief ( if she is even still working there cause i would have her fierd lol) just say, I will send ya pics of how FABULOUS I look in this ! :) But definately contact her DM. That is just no way to treat a loyal customer.

  3. Uhm i probably would have done some damage! u should really write a strongly wrded letter to her superiors and have her fired!

  4. I would call back tomorrow, find out her name and her district manager's name and give the District Manager a call and report her behavior. If you still feel like the store is not being truthful with the info call another store and get the right info. I work in retail and the last thing management wants to hear is disrespectful behavior like this. Good Luck

  5. Thanks ladies for the advice.....The letter is definitely in the works, and I finally got contact information for this area's DM.
    I dont want this to become a skinny vs big issue- its a disrespect issue. Its no secret as a fluffy girl, I have to WORK for the fashion, and make any and everything work! I just cant believe the audacity! I dont want to get her fired....but I am looking for a good gift card :-).

  6. That was so rude and totally out of line. Even if you couldn't wear a single thing in that store, they have accessories, shoes....and you could even get something for someone else with a credit. That chick had a personal problem with YOU--cause she was totally out of pocket with that one. The blood IS strong...but I would have called her all kinds of simple bitches...

  7. My guess is not only was she skinny, but probably also white.
    Skinny white chicks seem to especially take offense to a beautiful
    proud black woman who loves herself.