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Saturday, April 17, 2010

H & M Bound

Today, I am heading to Raleigh to check out H&M for the first time.   I have heard FANTASTIC reviews from my straight sized readers, and mixed reviews from my plus.  My expectations are that the fash will be a higher grade than forever 21....after that tragedy at the store last week, I am praying that there are no disappointments! lol  Im so excited, and am actually working out the budget and schedule so that I can fit a couple of other stops in as well before I have to head back to the CLT.   OF COURSE i will let you know the skinny on the results.  I plan on leaving in about an hour, cam and daybag in hand (side note**** I learned about the daybag on my first trip to NY when the fellow NY'ers were carrying these duffels and totes and I was toting around my little soho, with nothing in it.  I didnt understand that when you leave out to the city in NY, you are gone ALL DAY.  Hinny- it is a necessity on a day trip).  Ok back to H&M.......

Im looking fo ever-a-thang!!!!!
like this here:
and this here:
and this number here:

On another note, I am so pleased to have crossover readers, and sometimes I am sure I can get confusing when I discuss plus fash.  One reader asked me to explain what I mean by "making it work."  Making it work is a term that the fluffy girls have adapted to in fash to explain how we can take a straight sized dress and turn it into a fashionable tunic, or take a tube top and turn it into a fabulous mini skirt, or how a generally sized dress can be turned into a bodycon.  Its obvious that plus fash is VERY limited, especially for those who are fashion forward and want to stay abreast of the trends.  I refuse to live inside of the lines of Dress Barn, Catherines, etc....no knock...well maybe just a bit....Lets just say I have never bought anything out of either store.  But I try to keep an open mind about all stores- you never know what you will find.  Sooooo back to the topic at hand- we make it work.
Happy Saturday kiddies!  Wish me lucksies!


  1. I have highlighted your blog in a recent rendition of "Supporting My Divas" on my blog. Check it out by swinging by my blog.

  2. Just read a lovely write up about you from http://divaindeepthought.blogspot.com/. Liking what I see

  3. love it!! LOL - seriously, your sense of humor is perfection.
    much love to you and the fashion blog fam...[ps, where is your email ma?!!]
    jessica kane
    publisher of skorchmag.com
    author of www.curvyconfident30something.com!

  4. @Queen Diva- Thank you so much! What sweet words to say about everyone! Hugs!
    @Cheeky Curves- Thanks for reading! I love feedback!
    @ Curvy Confident 30-Something- Thank you so much! People usually get me or they dont, and I love that people are becoming fond of my quirks... and THANK YOU for the note about the email- Me addy.
    EverydayRunway@hotmail.com or RunwayBeyonce@hotmail.com.