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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Me Lusty

Hi girlies! The warm weather has inspired me to get hunty and shop till I literally drop! I have some upcoming posts with my findings and noodles.....In the meantime, here are some items I have been lusting over.  Check it.....

These are the perfect addition to the little black dress, jeans and white tee or whatever your fancy.  I am really into casual clothes with a fab heel.  Casual Fab.  

Got these muffins in Black- comfy, but SKY HIGH (you know I love it).  I wore this out this past weekend with the ladies, and I was towering over all the ladies, and gents....andiloveit. 

Sexy. Simplistic. Swagg. 

I STILL adore a good "300" shoe....lol.  I am really enjoying the lace-up bootie, heels, and flats for spring and summy.  Loves it.  

Wait for it......

UGH! I DIE!!!!!
I walked into Aldo on Friday, hoping to find some swagg for the upcoming shenanigans that I would partake in later on in the eve....I ran across these and passed out-had to sit down for a sec-and then passed out again when they didnt have my size.  But luckily they were able to order them online.  I am still waiting on my swagg.  They are scheduled to arrive today.  Keep ya posted loves.  


  1. I'm dying with u! lol is the third pic from Jessica Simpson too? if not please give me more info, I need this in my life! The weaving is so sexy.

  2. Loving all those shoes. But the first pair and the last pair are to die for. I seriously love your blog!!!

  3. Couturesista- The third pic is acually an off brand you can find at bakersshoes.com. They were around $60 if I remember correctly. YES HINNY! We definitely need these in our lives!
    Queen Diva- I literally gasped when I saw the blue shoes in person. Luckilly I have a "mole" at the bakers store, so she put them aside for me. Thanks for the love...Hugs!