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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NYCO fash

In case you were under a rock, or just not into NYCO, you missed the 50% off sale this past weekend.  Im usually unimpressed unless I am looking for work attire or semi mute tops.  HOOOOWEVER, I was impressed by the fash and sparkle!  I actually purchased a couple of goodies that I will show in an upcoming post.  Wish I would have been smart and checked out the site- I missed out on these kittens.  Check it.....

Floral tunic dress (2 colors)
Now $39.86


Harem pants (Now $44.80)

Cargo Dress
Now $62.30

Corset dress
(really sexy piping) Now $62.30

Check the site and see what you can find.  I actually like this store because it looks out for the fluffs and the skins and everyone in between. 
Loves ya! smoochies!

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