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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Out and Aboutz

Still waiting for that new camera...Anyone want to donate to the cause? lol #Dahwell

Check it:

Laid back in my bleached white denim jeans (Torrid) and a slouchy top (Forever 21) with flats (check the instant heels).  You know I dont do flats at night unless we will be crossing territory!!! 

He's cute right? 
 He doesnt belong to me.  lol
Slouchy dress (Forever 21) with multicolor clutch (Aldo) Necklace (Belk stores)

Face was beat....Cant find the pics of the fit... O_o 

Shawdy wha cho name iyzzzz :::cue music:::
Shades from mall vendor.  $10

My Black is Beautiful Atlanta 2010
Me, Jerime', Fatima

What yall been doin? 


  1. Nice pics! I LOVE your make-up. And I need one of those pink t-shirts! too cute!

    Lexy of BeautyFash

  2. Love the makeup in the last pics!