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Sunday, August 1, 2010

So here is the thing.....

I need encouragement!!!  I am trying to do a lifestyle change.  I want to shed these extra lbs and get back to a comfortable size.  I am lucky, I dont have high blood pressure, Diabetes, or any of those other diseases related to obesity.  But I cant help but feel that its somewhere hiding behind a cheeseburger in the future.  So here is my plan:
  • Exercise at lease 5 days per week using circuit training that consists of cardio and resistance training.
  • NO LIFTING OF HEAVY WEIGHTS!!!  Back in the day when I was a REAL athlete, I lifted A LOT.  I loved it- But now ---ehh notsomuch.  Im going to do more pushups, lunches, squats, and lifts that challenge my body to resist its own weight.  
  • Eat 5 small meals daily- My problem for years has been waiting to eat 1 large meal-NOT HEALTHY
  • Eating more veggies and healthier foods- Im not really a sweet eater -OMG if I were you would have to fork lift me outta here.  But I love WHITE FOODS, meaning pastas, breads, etc.  So im going to have to really work on eating 100% whole grains.  
  • NO FAST FOOD (I love taco bell- I dont really eat burgers, but I love me a chicken quesadilla.)
  • WATER vs Juices, Sodas, etc.  
  • Reduce my Spirit intake.  Now, I didnt think that this was affecting me, but I think me and Jose will have to hang out less often.  Mr Patron was not happy about the breakup either.  Im not a lush, but I do love my weekly cocktail (or 2).  :::ahem::: this will be a work in progress.    
Its Aug 1st, so im just using this date as a reference.  Im not giving myself a time limit.  As I said before, this needs to be a lifestyle change.  Anyone care to join?  

By the way, have you guys seen Sunni Diggs lately?  She looks fantastic!!!  Check some pics i kind of :::ahem::: well stalked her facebook for.  LOL.  But she looked so fantastic that I had to.....

When I talked to her about her transformation, she stated that her secret was A LOT of HARD WORK!!!  And that she was hitting the gym hard.  Maybe even 3 times a day.  In 9 months, she pulled off over 100 lbs...103 to be exact.  And that was a while ago- shes still at it.  And looking ohsofabuloso.  

Alright then Sunni.  


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