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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wish list

Umm....so my wish list really consists of only one item.  And technically i already purchased them.  But I wont get them till October.  :::Sigh:::  However, I will be losing all of the weight until then- I dropped a few nickels on these.  Check it:

They come in Tan and Black.  
I got tan

I also wanted these: 

If you wear a 5.5- you can get them here.  

:::Let the church say "Amand and Amand":::

Im having a shoe fetish right now.  And I can no longer wear "cheap shoes" after having a pair of Loubous on my feet......Just cant do it.  

S/N- Im watching Family Matters right now, and my fav epi is on where steve turns into Stefan Urkehlll.....I had a serious crush.  

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