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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here are some great swimmys to get wet in this year.  Check it....

 Old Navy.com   $49.50  www.oldnavy.com

Im pleasantly surprised with ON collection this year.  Me really likey!

Monif C     *Ranging from $119-$149    www.monifc.com

I feel like doing a rendition of Single ladies in one of these.....be still my FIERCE heart. 
-on to the next-
One Stop Plus- $64.99

Lane Bryant- $99.50

One stop Plus- $74.50

Lane Bryant $99.50

I see I will be dropping $$$ on at least 4 of these swimmys.  *sigh*

Note: Please stay away from thE SWIM-DRESS Tomwangery this year-
 my camera WILL be waiting.  

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