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Friday, February 12, 2010

Say what?

LOL! Due to the emails I get about my lingo, or slang, or whatever the h you want to call it- here is my Ashley Fierce translator...for your aid of course.

  •  *Tomwangery- Just plain foolishness
  •  *Obsessi- Im overwhelmed by the fabulousness 
  • *Si Obsessi- Im extremely overwhelmed by the fabulousness.
  • "something" siempre- In my head this makes sense- its like saying "ahh the life of "something"  ie. "foolywang siempre- ahh the life of being foolish.  
  • Cake, Paint, - Makeup
  • Skittly winks, skin-a-marinks, winky dinks, skittles- Accessories
  • Me No Likey- ugly
  • Me Lovey- Yes hinny!
  • THE Beyonce- My 16 inches of hair weave.  
  • Tamers- Lashes....Something about a great pair of false lashes that will tame a man!
  • Fierce Kitty- UH MAY ZING lady
  • UH MAY ZING- amazing (lol)
  • FaSHON- *said in heavy french accent* Fashion (lol too easy)
  • Cash- casual
  • I die- uhhh only from one of theee greatest stylists Rae Zoe!
  • "flick or treat"- a date that requires the minimum amount of activity.
  • PJ Sparkle- (does anyone remember the doll? She had ALL the sparkles) I use this to reference clothing shoes accessories with glitter or embellishment....either in positive or negative light depending on the cay.  
  • Footworks- HIGH heels (4-5) or CA YUTE shoes
Hope this helps if anyone was out there confused.....Sorry.  Lovesyameanit!  

PJ Sparkles

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  1. Ash, I've known you for years and I still didn't know half of this stuff you be saying! Thanks for translating it all to us...now I just got to remember it when I'm reading your blog.

    Haha! I remember PJ Sparkles! A true little diva!