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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Hauls, DIY

So I have been hitting the stores a bit less, or maybe Im still hitting, just not finding....But nonetheless here are a few skittles I found.  Check it.....

I found these adorable suede ankies at DOTS...lol....YEA I SAID IT! "Hello, my name is Ashley Fierce and I shop at DOTS!" lol Picked these up for $20 bucks....I wouldnt suggest wearing them anywhere other than a quick flick or treat...afterall- they are from....Dots!

Found these at Rugged for $14 for 2....Seriously folkies, no sleepy.  I cant wait to rock these! Here are some close ups:

Me Likey.

While taking a quick run thru Ross, I found these typically formal dresses.  I am going to cut about 3 ruffles off of each, mend the hems and add a little flair.....Overnight party dress. 

I loves me some MAC...Got My FAV Heatherette.  Ebay hinnies. 
BTW, does anyone know where to get some acrylic lippie holders?

These little rosettes were at OLD NAVY for like $3.50.  Please and thank you!  You know I love all things PJ sparkle.  I will prob add a little sum sum to it.  lol. 
"forthefaSHON" lol

Whats the tea? Is anybody finding anything right now that is worthy? Lemme knowz kay?

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  1. Cute flats from Rue21! That store has some good deals sometimes! Did you get the MAC lippies from the Cosmetics Company at C. Mills? I have been going to the MAC counter at Nordstrom's this whole time and just recently found out that the CCo at C. Mills carry MAC (but only certain products)!

    I see the clear acrylic lippie holders at Target and Ulta all the time. You can also get them at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Space Savers (off 51). Check those stores for them.