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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To Blonde or Not to Blonde

Please help me with my dilemma:  I am .000435 seconds from going back to the "beyonce" blonde that I adore so much.....HOOOOWEVER, it comes at a cost.  My hair was always dry and I hate the idea of "grease", and I had to use it all the time because the color can really damage relaxed hair.  Since I am an ADDICT to the creamy crack (I have tried SEV times to stop, make it to month 3, then JET to the closest salon for a dose) this is kinda dangerous (color and creamy crack do not compliment each other at all times)  So you be the judge.  Lemme know the tea.  Should I stay Brunette, or go back to Blonde?  Check it.....


  1. I loooove dark hair!! Dark hair is so exotic and it makes your eyes stand out!! Haha...lemme know the tea...you and your lingo!

  2. I think that you should stay brunette... color is fun.. but i've been in the same boat as far as dealing with relaxer and color damage a long time ago.. i was finally able to say goodbye to relaxers a year ago. unless you want to go the extra mile in caring for your hair, why not just add blond extensions throughout? that way you get what you want without the catch 22.

  3. Miss P- I really am feeling the dark hair! I just kind of miss the blonde look- I really love that! But it was so damaging! Thats the Tea! LOL I will definitely keep you posted!

    TKO- Thanks for the advice! I will definitely try that!