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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh yes they did.......

Ok, I am not being mean, no one's face was included in any of these photos...Hoooowever, this foolishness must be revealed.  Whats the tea REALLY peoples?
Uhh yea....she wore that in public.  Side eye to the friends that let her go out like that.  Tom wangery, and you know it.  

Now this chickey gets snaps for the effort....But boo's for the execution.....Any good tips on how to prevent a hot, sweaty back? sigh....

What IS this?  

Sigh....the dress was plastic....PLASTIC!  Foolywang Siempre.  

Ok 1 she KEPT bending over in front of me.  Please be aware of your area! 2 I know I love PJ sparkles but this is DEFINITELY not what i had in mind.....Try sequins next time.  

Sigh....If you held a flame too close we would have all went up in flames.  Combustible Siempre.  

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