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"There is no excuse NOT TO be fierce!"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun with Dick and Jane

I seriously tried to get some pics of me picking up trash and planting flowers to honor MLK, but the holder to my cammie was NOT PARTICIPATING....Guys can be such party poopers.....Anyway- On to some fashion- EHH....Dont you hate it when someone jumps in your pic? Well how about when you are FORCED to take a pic with someone you dont know....sigh....anyway.  Icha and I headed out to Luna for drinks and a two step.  Met some interesting people.  Unfortunately, the gent in the photo was not one of them.  Nonetheless, I was blazin again....

I WILL be recreating this look......Me lovey.  Oh Chris.  


  1. Lol...you can not tell that you didn't know that guy! You guys are all smiling and looked so happy! Go and put him on blast Ash! LOL. I'm excited to see your recreation of Chris B's look...should be interesting!

  2. "Miss P"- I MUST smile for the cam! lol But yes....I cant wait for the pics of the looks...
    Mia- Snaps back hun!