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Monday, January 11, 2010

Sorry 2010

Ok I know, i know!  Im a little disoriented!!!  The official "Runway" launch was supposed to go down Saturday, and was postponed until Sunday.  Here it is Tuesday, and the blog is still not up to par....Let me give you the tea.....

- I have been saving several posts, hauls, and skin-a-marinkidinks to share, however its just not enough!  I have been eating ramen noodles and hot choc dust just to get by so that I could do a couple of reviews (the 2010 goal list and my fashion/shoe/accessory boner are clearly not seing eye to eye)....Be patient with me people....Hold my mule.  Kissey face!

-MAC Lippies and Glossers
-Forever 21 Haul
-Charlotte Russe
-Things I die for

***In the meantime, GIMMIE YO I-DE-YAHS!  What do you want me to review?  Questions?  Comments? Whats the TEA?***

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